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Repertoire and Programs

G Spot Tornado                                                          Frank Zappa
This is how it is                                                          Kevin Volans
Octandre                                                                   Edgard Varese
                                    Stephen Story, conductor
Ebony Concerto                                                      Igor Stravinsky
                                    George Vosburgh, conductor


Fantasy for Nine Wind Instruments                  Eugene Goossens
                                    Thomas Thompson, conductor
Hill Song No. 2                                                        Percy Grainger
Three Scenes from Rigoletto and La Traviata     Giuseppe Verdi
                                    George Vosburgh, conductor
Bali                                                                    Michael Colgrass
Concerto for Alto Saxophone                                     Ingolf Dahl
                                    Benjamin Morris, saxophone
                                    Stephen Story, conductor


Concertino for Piano and Winds                            Kamilló Lendvay
                                    Donna Amato, piano
Rosalind in the Forest of Arden                                 Alfred Reed
                                    Thomas Thompson, conductor
The Leaves are Falling                                          Warren Benson
Profanation from Symphony #1 “Jeremiah”              Leonard Bernstein/Bencriscutto
                                    George Vosburgh, conductor
Short Ride in a Fast Machine                        John Adams/ Saucedo
                                    Stephen Story, conductor
October                                                                       Eric Whitacre
                                    Thomas Thompson, conductor
Angels in the Architecture                                          Frank Tichelli
Manhattan Beach                                                John Philip Sousa
                                    Stephen Story, conductor
The Gallant Seventh                                            John Philip Sousa
George Washington Bridge                                    William Schuman
The Red Pony Film Suite                                           Aaron Copland
                                    George Vosburgh, conductor

Fanfare for the Vienna Philharmonic                          Richard Strauss
                                    George Vosburgh, conductor


Diamond Concerto                                                      Philip Sparke
                                    Abigail Lannan, euphonium
                                    Stephen Story, conductor

Slava!                                                                          Leonard Bernstein/Grundman
                                    George Vosburgh, conductor


Al Fresco                                                                    Karl Husa
                                    Stephen Story, conductor

Canzona                                                                      Peter Mennin
                                    Thomas Thompson, conductor

Lincolnshire Posy                                                       Percy Grainger
                                    George Vosburgh, conductor

Carnegie Mellon Wind Ensemble Rehearsal /Attendance Policies

  1. Part assignments are made by the Music Directors in consultation with the studio faculty. Any concern with an assignment should first be directed to your studio teacher.
  2. Assignments will be posted two weeks in advance of a rehearsal cycle by the following methods: 1) Email, 2) Website

Rehearsal schedules for the WE will be posted by the following methods: 1) Email, 2) Website. The posted rehearsal schedule for any given day is subject to change until 10:00 a.m. of the day of that rehearsal. It is the student’s responsibility to be informed of any changes to the daily rehearsal schedule and to plan accordingly to fulfill his/her assignment.

Rehearsals typically run Tuesday through Friday from 3:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. The complete rehearsal and concert schedule for the WE can be found on the WE website or the events calendar on the Inside Music website. Although individual assignments within these time periods may vary, students are nevertheless obligated to the ensemble for all of the applicable scheduled time periods. As in the professional music world, rehearsal and program schedules are subject to change.

Although assignments are made on a per-concert-cycle basis (typically two weeks before a rehearsal cycle begins), all wind, brass and percussion students should assume that they will be assigned to every WE cycle and should submit petitions for an excused absence accordingly.

As soon as you become aware of a potential conflict with the WE schedule, submit a petition for an excused absence as this increases the likelihood of that petition being granted. Do not wait until you are assigned to a cycle to declare your need for an excused absence or release from a cycle.

To request that a tardiness or absence be considered for an excuse, fill out an absence petition form and submit it to Stephen Story.

In order for your request for an excuse to be considered,

1.      Your petition must be submitted on time, except in unavoidable circumstances, according to the deadlines below.

2.      Your studio teacher must sign the petition or email Stephen Story ( if they are not available for a signature.

Deadlines for an Excused Absence Petition

1. Illness or Emergency: PETITION WITHIN 3 DAYS of the date of the tardiness or absence. Also submit documentation from a doctor or Carnegie Mellon Student Health Services.

2. Professional Opportunity:  PETITION AT LEAST 2 WEEKS before the first rehearsal of the cycle in which the tardiness or absence is requested.

3. Other Requests (family funerals, weddings, etc.)PETITION AT LEAST 2 WEEKS before the first rehearsal of the cycle in which the tardiness or absence is requested.

If you have missed the deadline, still submit a petition. In unavoidable circumstances (emergency or sudden illness), your request for an excuse may still be considered.

Please note that approval or disapproval of an Excused Absence Petition is the decision of the Wind Ensemble Directors only.

Attendance is required at every rehearsal, concert, and recording session. An unexcused tardiness or absence will lower your grade. For example, 1 unexcused absence would lower an "A" to a "B". 4 unexcused absences will result in an "R". An unsatisfactory grade (D or lower for undergraduate students, C or lower for graduate and Performance Residency Program students) may result in loss of good standing in the School of Music or being dropped from the School of Music.

-tardy to 1 rehearsal                                                            = 1/2 letter grade

-tardy to 1 dress rehearsal                                                   = 1 letter grade

-tardy to 1 concert or recording session                             = 4 unexcused absences

-absence from one rehearsal                                               = 1 letter grade

-absence from one dress rehearsal                                      = 2 unexcused absences

-absence from one concert or recording session                 = 4 unexcused absences

1. Your music is your responsibility. Librarians will distribute music folders at least one week before a cycle begins. You must pick up your music well before the first rehearsal. All music is to be kept in the labeled folders.

2. If you are missing a part or have a problem with a part, notify the librarian before it is needed for a rehearsal or a concert in enough time for him/her to take care of the problem.

3. Take your folder after a rehearsal. Don’t leave it! However, do give your folder to the librarian following a concert. Rental parts are expensive! In many cases, the librarian(s) will issue legible copies of original parts. You will be responsible for any lost music!


The official dress code for the Wind Ensemble is concert black. Men: black tux (no tails), white shirt, black bow tie, black socks and shoes. Women: long black gowns or two piece ensemble, long sleeves, black shoes (no open toes). Student concerto soloists may wear appropriate but professional performance outfits.

No alarm/beeper watches, cell phones, pagers, newspapers, books or any portable device allowing internet access allowed on any stage or ACH during rehearsals or concerts.


Upcoming Concerts