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BESA Program

The Bachelor of Engineering Studies and Arts (BESA) intercollege degree program combines the strengths of the College of Fine Arts (CFA) and the College of Engineering (ENG). This degree is tailored for students seeking to apply knowledge from dual fields to advance maker culture in novel and creative ways. Students choose their arts concentration from the following schools in CFA: Architecture, Art, Design, Drama or Music. Students choose their engineering studies concentration established by the College of Engineering. Options within the concentration include: biomedical engineering, chemical engineering, civil & environmental engineering, electrical & computer engineering, materials science & engineering or mechanical engineering.

The BESA curriculum has three main components: general education requirements, fine arts concentration requirements and engineering studies concentration requirements. Each student's course of study is structured so they can complete this rigorous program in four years.

Students receive extensive advising support. The academic advisors in the BXA Intercollege Degree Programs are the primary advisors and liaisons between CFA and ENG. Each student has two additional academic advisors: an advisor in the admitting school of CFA to guide their focus in the arts and an advisor in ENG to guide their focus in engineering studies.