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Additional Information

Below is additional information and resources that our non-major students find helpful. If you have additional questions, email

Rental of instruments is available through local retailers. Your assigned private studio teacher may also have a recommendation, so consultation with them prior to rental is recommended. The School of Music has worked with the following retailers for rental of instruments as well as music purchase:

The Music Extension Office offers a recital opportunity to enrolled elective studio students at the end of each semester. Students must have their studio teacher’s approval to perform on the recital. All recital dates and times are subject to School of Music recital venue availability.

School of Music ensembles, with the exception of the Percussion Ensemble, are open to non-majors on an audition basis. Open auditions are held at the beginning of the fall semester, or on an as needed instrumentation basis in the spring.

For more information on auditions, please contact Sharon Johnston, Director of Student Services, in the School of Music

All University Orchestra is a university-wide, student run orchestra that is open to all university students.

For more information on Ensembles & Productions, Click Here.

Carnegie Mellon’s Student Activities has numerous musical organizations open to the campus community. A complete list of student organizations may be found by on the university's Student Activities page.

Elective studio lessons are open and available to all university students and staff. Elective studio and music extension classes are registered through the Special Music Office. There is a fee that is associated with Elective Studio lessons. One may choose to take lessons for credit or not. The fee is assessed in either case and if opting to receive credit, a letter grade is issued (no pass/fail).

All Music Extension elective studio lessons and classes assess a fee, whether taking the lessons for credit or not. This fee is posted to the student account after the third week of classes and paid off through the HUB.

 2022 - 2023 Fees


  • 30-minute lesson 3.0 units ($670 for 2021-2022 / $690 for 2022-2023)
  • 45-minute lesson 6.0 units ($1010 for 2021-2022 / $1035 for 2022-2023)
  • 60-minute lesson 9.0 units ($1340 for 2021-2022 / $1380 for 2022-2023)


  • Section A Fridays,  3.0 units -  $700 
  • Section B Fridays, 3.0 units - $700 


  • Section A Thursdays,  3.0 units - $700 


  • Section A Mondays,  3.0 units - $700 


  • Section A TBA 3.0 units - $700 

Staff wishing to enroll in elective studio lessons and classes should know that tuition remission benefits will NOT cover the Music Extension fee.


  • Weekly one-on-one private studio lessons for the beginner, intermediate and advanced student
  • 14 lessons offered per semester: 30, 45, 60-minutes per week
  • Criteria for the lessons will vary depending upon studio teacher

The Music Extension faculty is comprised of highly qualified teachers who are professional performers and teachers in Pittsburgh’s leading music institutions and performance venues.