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*Updated 9/14/2023. 

The guidelines described here are designed to benefit the performer’s professional development. Please direct any questions to Dan Fernandez, Director of Marketing and Communications or Jesse Montgomery, Director of Operations.

The following information applies to student recitals:


You are to complete the steps in the following order:-

1. Start of Semester:   Bio Submission Form
    - updates the database with your latest short bio for future website listings.

2. Planning Stages:   Room Availabilities Calendar
    - consult calendars to ensure venue availability. remember to watch out for adjacent halls, other major School of Music events and rehearsal / warm-up time prior to recital.

3. Recital Booking Eligibility Timeline:   Recital and Recording Scheduling Form
    - allows you to book venues, fill out recital information, and request for recording or technical services

4. Three Weeks Before Recital:   Program Submission
    - follow instructions below under "Program Request" to first download the Program Template to your computer, then edit it, then submit it to the Program Submission Form along with a headshot and other details. Due by 14 days before your recital.

  1. The Fall 2023 recital season will run from September 18 – December 15. The Spring 2024 recital season will run from January 19 – April 26. Graduating seniors and 2nd year master’s students have priority for scheduling their recitals until October 2. After October 2, underclassmen and 1st year master’s students will be eligible to schedule their recital with instructor approval. AMS students with a required recital also have earlier priority.
  2. Recitals will be held in Kresge Theater, Alumni Concert Hall or Mellon Institute Auditorium.
  3. The recitalist is entitled to two (2) hours of dress rehearsal time in the venue leading up to the recital. This does not count warmup time in the hour before your recital.
  4. Recital length: All recitals have time limits due to staffing and space limitations. The following limits include intermissions and breaks between pieces. The limit begins running at the official start time of the recital (i.e. starting 10 minutes late does not mean you may end 10 minutes late). Solo sophomore and junior recitals are limited to 1 hour. Joint junior recitals are limited to 1 hour 30 minutes. Senior and graduate recitals are limited to 2 hours.
  5. All ensemble performances are ticketed; most are free. Student recitals are not ticketed.
  6. Recording Services is available to livestream and record student recitals upon request. Fees apply for recording and livestreaming. Note: Livestreaming is not available at Mellon Institute Auditorium.
  7. All individuals participating in the recital must follow current safety protocols per university guidelines.
  8. The Ensemble & Events Coordinator will arrange for up to three Front of House / Recital Crew members to work each recital. All recitals MUST have trained Recital Crew members for safety and liability reasons.
  9. Moving of the Kresge Theatre pianos may only be done by the assigned Recital Crew members. The piano will be moved onstage and returned backstage by crew members.
  10. Pianists must be prepared to clean and sanitize keyboard before and after each use.
  11. Only bottled water is permitted in either venue.
  12. Receptions after recitals are permitted, subject to the reception rules below.
  13. All posters and physical promotional materials are the sole responsibility of the recitalist to create, place and remove.
  14. Recitalist must follow deadlines for submission of program, headshot and bio to the Marketing & Communications office for digital program and digital promotional efforts. Program templates must be submitted no later than 14 days before the recital. All recitals MUST have a printed program. Use the Program Template and Program Submission Form linked above on this page.
  15. There will be up to two recitals that may be scheduled on weekday evenings Monday through Friday. There will only be up to two scheduled recitals on Saturdays and Sundays. Recital requests above this limit may be denied due to staffing.
  16. Decisions to cancel recitals will also cancel the dress rehearsals and must be done no less than two (2) weeks prior to the recital date. The Events Team (Dir. of Operations, the Dir. of Marketing & Communications, Recording Services and Ensemble & Events Coordinator) must be informed of cancellations. Cancellations must be communicated by the studio instructor to the Events Team. A cancellation fee of $75 will apply to recitals that are canceled or rescheduled within two weeks of the recital date.
  17. These policies may be superseded by future guidelines and restrictions issued by the university, and federal, state, and local government agencies.
  • Select your date according to the availability of Kresge Theatre, Mellon Institute or Alumni Concert Hall. To avoid possible conflicts, check the concert AND venue calendars showing scheduled performances or ensemble rehearsals, and other events that are happening in the halls.
  • The dates you choose must be verified and approved by BOTH your teacher and your accompanist before you submit the form. Please follow the guidelines in the Recital Accompanist Policy when choosing your pianist. If your recital includes other performers be sure to confirm the proposed recital time with them BEFORE using the Scheduling Form.
  • Blackout dates: Recitals may not be scheduled during fall or spring break (including the weekend before or after), during the Thanksgiving break, on university holidays, on Easter or during Carnival weekend.
Before scheduling, please also keep the following in mind:
  • Only School of Music students (i.e. undergrad majors, music grad students and music BXA students) may schedule a recital.
  • Your recital may not coincide with major School of Music events or with another recital. This rule applies to ensemble concerts, major productions and performances, and faculty recitals.
  • The months of April/May are strictly reserved for required degree recitals only for students expecting to graduate in the spring.
  • Recitals may not for any reason be canceled or rescheduled within two (2) weeks of the date scheduled. (i.e. a March 1 recital cannot be canceled after February 15). A cancellation or reschedule within two weeks of the recital will incur a $75 fee assessed on the student's account. The SoM is sensitive to the fact that during a typical school year, personal and family situations will sometimes necessitate postponement or complete cancellation of a student recital. In this instance, the notification by a student to this effect will be taken under advisement on a case-by-case basis. ALL cancellations and postponements must be communicated to the Events Team by the student's studio teacher.
  • Each recitalist is responsible for arranging for a page-turner, if needed. Recital crew members (ushers and recording engineers alike) are not available to turn pages during recitals.
  • Juniors: Choose your recital partner before you secure a date. Your degree requirement as a junior is one half a recital. Make sure to include your joint recital partner's name in your recital request submission.

To select a recital date and time, complete an on-line electronic Recital and Recording Schueduling Form

Dress rehearsals can be scheduled within one month of the scheduled recital. The recitalist is entitled to two (2) hours of rehearsal time in the venue leading up to the recital, not including the warmup hour before the recital.

Pianists should contact our piano technician, Peter Stumpf ( to schedule a tuning prior to your recitals. Please use the scheduling form to schedule these rehearsals.

Should you decide to host a reception following your recital, you must follow these guidelines and rules:

  • A reception may last no longer than an hour beyond your recital. Recital crew members are in charge of the reception space and will inform you of any other time limitations.
  • All receptions will be scheduled in the upper Great Hall, around the corner, so that noise from the reception will not impact other performances.
  • Receptions are subject to availability of the Great Hall in the CFA building, which is controlled by the CFA Dean's Office. If the Great Hall is in use with an exhibit display, or seating for another event, you may not have a reception in that space.
  • You are responsible for the reception area, including setting up your food, beverages, paper goods, and cleaning up all of the above at the end of the reception. Leave the area clean and free of debris.
  • Recital crew members will move tables into place for the reception, and will put the tables away no later than 60 minutes after the recital.
  • A simple fare of cookies, fruit, etc. works best in our limited space. More complex menus may involve moving your reception to a location other than College of Fine Arts spaces. Keep in mind that no refrigeration is available and alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited.

All recitals MUST have a printed program.

Download the program template to your computer, then fill in all information to be appear in your program:

  • Selections to be performed (in order and including movements)
  • Composers’ full names and years of birth/death
  • The name of your accompanist (if applicable)
  • Additional performers (if applicable)
  • Your studio professor’s name
  • Your anticipated degree and year of graduation
  • Placement of the intermission (if applicable)
  • It is the performer’s responsibility to proofread for errors and ensure the accuracy of information
  • Please note: Translations are not included in the programs for voice recitals, but are required and are the responsibility of the recitalist.

Program submissions sent in without using the template will not be accepted.

Students sharing a recital should submit one completed program template.


When complete, submit the Recital Program Template in Microsoft Word to the Marketing and Communications Office by using the Program Submission Form. NOTE: due to technical limitations there is no automated reminder email about submitting your program. Please reach out to the Director of Marketing & Communications if you have questions about submitting your program.

Recital program templates are due at least two weeks prior to your scheduled recital date. Be sure you have your program ready for submission using the template, to the submission form by 14 days before your recital. 

Program templates received after the designated deadline are not guaranteed to be ready in time for the recital.

*Note about timing: In all cases, the deadline to submit your program 14 days before your actual recital applies, regardless of when you receive a reminder.

Students can utilize the CRAM Guide for general word-processing and specifically for things relating to music and music programs and listings.

Please see the Recording Services policies page for more details. Fees apply for audio, video recording and/or livestreaming.

The marketing and communications (M/C) office is responsible for all marketing, communications and public relations for the School of Music. This guide has been designed to assist students and faculty in understanding the types of resources available through the School of Music for the marketing and promotion of all School of Music student recitals to the campus and greater Pittsburgh community. Only recitals that have a confirmed date, time and location will be accepted for promotion.

As long as you have submitted your updated biography, and requested your recital through the main resource request form, the M/C office will have the basic amount of information to create a website calendar listing.

Additional information required - more than 2 weeks prior to the recital date, as detailed, prompted and captured in the automated follow-up Program Submission form:

  • Student Name and instrument
  • Studio faculty name(s)
  • Degree/Certificate that is being sought
  • Recital date, time and location
  • Accompanist’s name – if applicable
  • Guest artists names and instrument(s) – if applicable
  • Repertoire to be performed
  • Short biography & headshot - if available
    • Headshot = Jpeg files only. Needs to be at least 800 pixels wide x 800 pixels tall
  • Anecdotal information about the recital (Are new works being performed? Are there special collaborations involved in the recital?)

Complete details can be found in the Undergraduate/Graduate Student Recital Marketing & Promotion document. 

If a student wishes to cross promote via their social media network with the School of Music, please make sure that your Facebook Page/Personal Page has liked the School of Music’s Facebook Page (also tagging the School’s Page), that you include the School’s Twitter handle in tweets, and that you follow the School of Music's Instagram Page. The M/C office will repost as many posts & tweets as possible in the weeks and days leading up to a recital.