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Recording Services

Carnegie Mellon School of Music's Recording Services provides technical support and quality audio/video recordings of recitals, concerts, and other various events to Carnegie Mellon School of Music ensembles, faculty, students, alumni, and other clients in selected locations. The Lead Engineer & Coordinator of Recording Services is Kristian Tchetchko (

Until further notice, only current CMU School of Music students, faculty and staff may request Recording Services.

To make an arrangement for recording and technical support, please fill out the following form:

Recital and Recording Scheduling Form

  1. Recording Services provides audio recording, video recording, live sound reinforcement, live webcast, limited technical support and post-production services to faculty, students and visiting artists of the School of Music at Carnegie Mellon University.
  2. The equipment and extent of service Recording Services provides is dependent on the resources that our team has available.
  3. Standard audio recording setup includes a pair of microphones in stereo pick-up configuration.
  4. Rehearsals involving Recording Services tech, equipment, or staffing are treated as a Recording Services recording session and are subject to the appropriate fees.
  5. Standard video recording setup is a single camera, capturing a wide shot of the performance stage.
  6. Additional microphones (spots) and cameras (multiple angles, or follow-camera) are not included in the stated cost. They will be provided as the department deems necessary and feasible.
  7. Recording Services reserves the rights to refuse additional requests, beyond what has already been clearly communicated during the initial confirmation response from us.
  8. Your engineer will arrive an hour prior to your scheduled request. Please plan to have the venue ade available for set up. After booking, an additional hour will automatically be added on prior to your start time.
  9. Recording Services does not handle hall/room availabilities or venue bookings.
  10. Recording Services engineers are not ushers, stagehands or setup/strike crew. They are not responsible for any other recital duties other than those assigned by our department.
  11. You will receive your final product 14 working days from the last day of your request. During periods of increased performance volume, final products may take up 30 days to complete. Recording Services appreciates your understanding and patience.
  12. All recordings will be made available to you via a private URL to a cloud server. Please retrieve the files as soon as you can. Recording Services will not unlist links, but we cannot guarantee that the server links will work indefinitely.
  13. Audio files delivered will be in Redbook CD format (44.1kHz/16bit) and video files in MPEG-4 file type with H.264 encoding. Should you need another specified format, please indicate your requirements in the request form.
  14. Physical copies of your recordings can be made available to you at additional costs. These will be delivered to your student or faculty mailbox, with the same turnaround time of 14 working days. If you are not affiliated with the School of Music and do not have a mailbox, we will reach out to you as soon as the discs are ready for collection.
  15. If you ordered physical copies of your recordings, you will expect to receive an Audio CD for audio recording, and a DVD for video recording. Recording Services will split your audio recording into multiple tracks in a manner that is appropriate to your performance or recording session. DVD recordings of recitals will generally contain two chapters; one for the first half of the concert, and the second for the next half after intermission.
  16. These will be high-quality archival recordings and therefore presented as such. Should you require edits, effects, breaking up of tracks, or any other post-production work, please contact Recording Services. We will do our best to answer your queries and assist you in seeking out resources that will help you with your needs.
  17. Due to technical limitations, Recording Services only provides audio recording at Mellon Institute Auditorium.
  18. Recording Services does not offer webcast services to non School of Music affiliated events.


Kresge Theatre

  • Full audio/video recording capabilities
  • Livestream
  • Full live sound capabilities
  • Controlled lighting

Alumni Concert Hall

  • Full audio/video recording capabilities
  • Livestream
  • Some live sound capabilities*

*Pending equipment availability, proper setup time buffer and crew.

Mellon Auditorium

  • Audio recording only*

*Pending crew and equipment availability.

Recording Services Request Form

*Please fill out the recording request form for all student recitals in order to ensure that Recording Services is aware of your event*

1. Please complete the request form by filling in all the fields. Leaving empty spaces might delay the confirmation of your request.

2. It is of utmost importance that you provide us with as much detail as you can. We also ask that the information you provide us is the most current and accurate at the time of your request. 

3. Should there be mistakes in or changes to the information that you have submitted, it is your responsibility to inform all relevant parties immediately with the corrections. 

4. The request form is only for Recording Services. The submission of this form does not entitle you to the use of venues or manpower for your recital. 

5. Please plan to book the venue an additional hour before the start of your event for our crew to set up.

6. Please do not make multiple submissions to the same event. 

7. Do feel free to reach out to Recording Services should you have any questions prior to hitting the “submit” button. Any discrepancy to the information you have submitted will result in confounds through our request pipeline.

8. Please submit any requests for additional tech support (including Live Sound Reinforcement, Special Lighting, and Projection) at least 21 days prior to your scheduled event to ensure that your event can be staffed in a safe manner.  Any late requests for additional tech support cannot be guaranteed.

1. Current recording fees are as follows and are subject to change:

Audio (only)


Video (includes Audio)


Webcast (includes Audio/Video recording and streaming)


Webcast Streaming Only (no included audio/video recording)


2. Additional fees and penalties are as follows:

Live Sound Reinforcement


Additional Tech (ie. projectors, lighting design etc.)


Physical Media (per disc)


Late Request (less than 14 days from date of event)


Rush Delivery


Reschedule/Cancellation Fee with <72 hours notice

3. Rescheduling or cancellations of recording sessions made within 72 hours of a session will be charged a fee of $50. Cancellations of any recitals are subject to the Recital Policies and a $75 fee.
4. Fees are based on 2-hour blocks. Additional charges of $50 per hour, apply beyond the 2-hour reservation of services. 

5. Fees are charged to your school account if you have a Carnegie Mellon Andrew ID. Otherwise, you can make a payment with a check.

6. If you are paying us with a check, please make it payable to Carnegie Mellon University, School of Music. Check payments are expected at the time of service.

7. Recording Services reserves the right to deny rescheduling requests.

8. All fees are non-negotiable.