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Facilities & Equipment Policies

Please report any necessary maintenance to the Director of Operations, Jesse Montgomery: 412-268-8131,


School of Music students are eligible to reserve School of Music facilities, according to the guidelines under each room listed below, in the School of Music room scheduling office (the front desk in HOA 102). You may only reserve a School of Music room for your own use; you may not reserve it for another person or organization. Also, you may only reserve the room for the purpose specified in the guidelines; you cannot reserve it for another purpose without special permission from the School of Music. You cannot reserve a School of Music room for a public event other than a recital. Violation of any facilities policy may result in the revocation for up to one semester of your eligibility to use the practice rooms or reserve other rooms and/or possess School of Music keys.


You must reserve a hall for a recital no less than one month ahead; you must reserve a room for a recital rehearsal no less than one week ahead; you must reserve a room for any other purpose no more than one day ahead. If you will not be using your reservation, please inform the School of Music room scheduling office HOA 102 as soon as possible, so that the room can be made available for others to reserve. Please don’t use School of Music facilities without a reservation or outside of the time of your reservation; you will be expected to immediately vacate a room for which another person has a reservation.


School of Music students may reserve any of the School classrooms in the College of Fine Arts or in the Margaret Morrison building for chamber music rehearsals by reserving a time and by obtaining a key from the room scheduling office HOA 102. When finished, please leave the room set up for a class with all the furniture back in place.  

Faculty Studios

Some faculty studios may be used for special rehearsals. You may use your teacher’s studio by obtaining faculty permission and by reserving times in the room scheduling office HOA 102.

Alumni Concert Hall

Alumni Concert Hall may be reserved for rehearsals by requesting times in the room scheduling office HOA 102. The piano may not be moved from the stage to the floor without supervision. If the hall is available and the time requested is after business hours, a security pass will be issued. You are responsible for seeing that Campus Security is called to lock the hall when the rehearsal is finished. 

Kresge Recital Hall

Kresge Recital Hall may be reserved for dress rehearsals and recitals. To schedule a time, contact the Director of Operations. The acoustic ceiling lights must be turned off after use. House lights should be dimmed. Music stands, chairs, and tables must be removed or properly stored backstage. If the hall is available and the time requested is after business hours, a security pass will be issued. You are responsible for seeing that Campus Security is called to lock the hall when the rehearsal is finished.

WQED Studio B

The School of Music's space in the WQED building (Studio B) may be reserved for rehearsals by requesting times in the room scheduling office HOA 102. Please make sure that the room is set up for a class with all furniture back in place, all lights turned off, windows closed and locked, and doors locked. The piano must NOT be moved.

You may have a maximum of 3 keys under your name in the key database at any time. You may not transfer a key to another person; it must be in your possession at all times. You may check out a key no more than 24 hours before you need the key, and you must return the key no more than 24 hours after using the key.

If you need a key on the weekend, you may check out the key on Friday and return it on Monday. If you need the key again, you must return the key and check it out again; you cannot keep the key between reservations. All keys are to be returned by the date they are due. This is for your own protection. If something is missing from one of the rooms, all persons holding keys to that room will be questioned.  If you don’t return a key by the due date, you are liable for a $50.00 charge that will be debited to your student account. 


The use of either one of the School's harpsichords or the electronic keyboard or the harp is restricted either to ensembles (Orchestra, Wind Ensemble, Contemporary Ensemble, Concert Choir, Repertory Chorus, Jazz Vocal Ensemble, Jazz Ensemble, Baroque Ensemble, or Opera Orchestra) or to student recitals which are scheduled in Alumni Concert Hall and Kresge Recital Hall only. The delicate nature of the instruments and the unavailability of transportation for equipment for individual recitals mandates this policy. Any student requiring an instrument of this nature for a purpose other than those specified above must look outside the School for assistance. See the Director of Operations for assistance.

Music Stands

Music stands are to be kept secured at all times. Our priority is to ensure that all ensembles have as many stands as necessary to sustain their rehearsals and concerts. Our objective is to always have 70 in ACH, 20 in Kresge, 15 ‐ 20 in MM 119, and 3 in CFA A2. Beyond these numbers, any extra music stands may be strategically placed in certain studios. Due to the increasing cost of replacing music stands as well as the theft and loss of stands over the course of the academic year, music stands may not be left unlocked and available to be transferred to practice rooms and/or classrooms. It is highly recommended that students invest in an inexpensive, portable wire stand for use in practice rooms or for chamber music rehearsals.


Phones in School of Music offices and studios are not available for student use.

Fax Machine

A fax machine is located in the School of Music office HOA 102. Faxes can be sent at a cost of $3.00 for the first page and $1.00 for every subsequent page.


The closest available public copiers are located in Hunt Library on the main floor. The School of Music copier is available for official School business only.

Please report any problems with locks, lights, or equipment, in any room, including practice rooms to the Director of Operations.

You are responsible for the facilities you reserve. Please don’t eat or drink in the room and lock the windows and door before you leave.

School of Music majors are given authorization to use their CMU ID card in the card locks for the practice room hallways, and other practice room keys, if applicable, at the beginning of their first semester in residence in the School of Music. The keys will not need to be returned until graduation or withdrawal from the School. There is a charge of $20.00 if a key is lost or not returned. In order to receive authorization to use the practice rooms and any practice room keys, students must sign a practice room contract. The contract specifies policies for use of the practice rooms for which you are held responsible. (Contract available in CFA 108)

The practice rooms are available on a first-come, first-served basis. The College of Fine Arts building and practice rooms are open twenty-four hours a day to CFA students. For the protection of everyone in the college, contact security at once if you see unauthorized persons in the building. 

CMU Campus Security Phone Number: 412-268-2323

From 12 midnight until 6am each night the outside doors of the CFA building are card swipe access only; your CMU ID card will allow you access to the building during that time, but non-Carnegie Mellon students will not be able to access the facilities.


Piano Policy - Effective 3/13/2023