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Chamber Music

Group Chamber Music Request Form
String Quartet Chamber Music Request Form

To request registration for Chamber Music, please follow the procedure(s) below and submit all applicable information by the Last Day of the current semester.

1. REQUIRED [all chamber music]: To request to be registered for Chamber Music, either because you need to take it as a requirement or you want to take it as an elective, initially register for the course number immediately below that is applicable to you whether or not you use #2 and/or #3 below.
Note: Your registration will change to a different course number and/or section letter after your assignment to an ensemble has been finalized.
57670 section Z – undergraduate and graduate brass chamber music
57671 section Z – undergraduate and graduate string quartet chamber music
57672 section Z – undergraduate and graduate woodwind and mixed chamber music

2. Optional [all chamber music except brass]: Use either the group or the string quartet chamber music request form to request registration for Chamber Music as an ensemble. If your group isn’t quite complete (a string quartet without a cellist, a wind quintet without a horn, etc.) turn in a form so we know about you, and we’ll complete your group with an appropriate person.

YOU ARE ENCOURAGED to set up your own groups! That way you can play with people you like and who you feel are at a similar skill level.

3. Optional [winds and mixed chamber music]: Email Professor Jim Whipple as an individual to request a specific type of group or style of repertoire.

1. Trios, quartets, quintets, and larger ensembles are greatly encouraged; playing in a group of this size demands skills that take time to develop, and your student years are the best time to do this. Duets are discouraged unless they represent particularly distinctive or difficult repertoire. Solo and piano duos will be registered under the course name and number for “Sonatas.”

2. It may not be possible to assign all coaches now. Turn in any requests you may have and we will try to honor them, but we can’t guarantee anything at this point. If you don’t request a coach, one will be assigned.

The Honors Quartet Competition takes place each September.

It is open to all string students, but must have approval of their principal teacher.

Repertoire this year will be:
- announced at a later date

1. Each group must receive 600 minutes of coaching each semester.

2. Each group should rehearse for at least two hours each week.

3. Each group must keep a log of coachings and rehearsals. These logs must be turned in at Mid-Term by the Thursday preceding Mid-Semester Break and at the End of the Semester, either by scanning and e-mailing them to Professor Whipple or placing them in his mailbox on the mezzanine level in CFA. The purpose of these logs is not only to document rehearsals and coachings to fulfill the credit, but also to collect data for the School of Music to organize rehearsal space and room availability in future semesters. Please record the date, duration, room number, and type of meeting (rehearsal or coaching) in the log. A sample document can be found (and printed off) on the chamber music webpage; your coach should sign this, both at midterm and at the end of the course. We strongly recommend you start your log immediately and keep it up as you move through the semester (rather than trying to reconstruct your schedule at the end).

4. Groups must have 6 coachings (or at least 300 minutes) logged by Mid-term, or receive a reduced or failing grade.

5. Any extended illnesses or extenuating circumstances that prevent groups from meeting must be brought to the attention of Professor Whipple or Professor Wu IMMEDIATELY.

6. At the first meeting with your chamber group, please elect one person to act as liaison. You must email the appropriate GA by September 6 or January 16 with potential times that your group is available to meet for a coaching, and they will inform you of your coach, if you have not been already assigned one.

7. Each group must perform at least once during the semester, and it is recommended that your coach be present at the performance. Performance opportunities include: student recitals (which can be organized by multiple chamber groups), outreach performances, masterclasses, Silberman Competition in the spring, Chamber Music Convocation, or a coach-approved performance.  Space on a Chamber Music Convocation is extremely limited; only four groups will be able to perform ~12 minutes of music, and will be reserved on a first come, first served basis. Please e-mail Professor Whipple to reserve a performance slot if your group would like to perform in this venue.

Professor Wu:

Professor Whipple: [note: no “andrew” in this address]