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All students registered for Major Studio or BXA Studio must perform a jury each semester at the time scheduled by the School of Music. (This includes composition majors, performance majors, and BXA majors with a concentration in music.) The only exception to this rule is the policy, applicable to many but not all studio areas, that a jury need not be performed at the end of a semester during which a required recital is performed.

Requirements for the jury performance (i.e., repertoire, memorization, collaborative pianist, etc.) are defined by the faculty in each studio area. If the faculty require a collaborative pianist, the collaborative pianist guidelines will apply. You are expected to dress appropriately: no jeans or t-shirts.

The jury committee members will write individual evaluations and, if applicable, grades on your jury sheets. The applicability of the jury evaluations and grades to your final grade in studio is determined by the faculty in your studio area and/or your studio teacher. The jury sheets are given to the Director of Student Services after the jury. Copies of the jury sheets are made for the student and can be kept by you. Copies can be made for the studio teacher upon request.

General Jury Form

Voice Jury Form 
Voice Sophomore Review Form 
Voice Jury Form - Graduate
Voice Repertoire Form 

Physical copies of these forms can be found in HOA 141.