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Welcome to the Carnegie Mellon University Washington Semester Program

What's daily life like in the Washington Semester Program? Read - and watch - to find out. 

From embassy headquarters to nongovernmental organizations, think tanks to advocacy organizations, and consulting firms to media outlets, Washington, DC, is a focal point for many international and public policy activities.

Undergraduates from any course of study who would value firsthand policy experience are invited to apply to the Carnegie Mellon University Washington Semester Program (CMU/WSP), sponsored by the university's Institute for Politics and Strategy. In this semester-long program, students live, work, and study in Washington, DC, coming into direct contact with political, business, and community leaders and learning about the most pressing policy issues of the day.

CMU/WSP students earn forty-eight units for their semester in Washington, interning approximately twenty-four hours per week in any sector or field of interest within Washington, DC, while taking classes three to four afternoons/evenings per week. Courses are taught by Carnegie Mellon faculty.  The Institute for Politics and Strategy sponsors events and policy-oriented opportunities in Washington for students participating in the program to further enrich their experience and enhance their understanding of how Washington functions as a hub of international and public policy decision making.


Members of the Spring 2020 cohort visited the Pentagon and got a taste of life as a Pentagon reporter in the briefing room.


Students in the Fall 2019 cohort took a trip to the Kennedy Center to see "Cats."


CMU/WSP Spring 2019 students got the inside scoop on the 2020 Race from Meet the Press Host, Chuck Todd, during a taping of the show.