Carnegie Mellon University

Mediated Narrative Course

The Mediated Narrative course is an educational experience that considers the production of individual, multidisciplinary, media projects in, about, and inspired by various cultures.

The concentration of this media class, which is offered jointly by the Department of English and the Integrative Design, Arts, and Technology Network (IDeATe), is open to the creative areas of video production, sound, photography, interactive media, writing, data visualization, media performance, etc. The main media production aspect of this class, which is typically offered every other spring semester, will take place during Spring Break, where students will travel abroad for the week.

The individual projects will be done under the guidance of faculty, artists, filmmakers and media professionals from educational and cultural institutions in the selected country of travel. Student registration for this class is not restricted to any particular major. Interested students must write a letter of presentation + intention prior to registration and provide it to the designated faculty member in charge, who will then vet the student's readiness for the course.

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