Carnegie Mellon University

Research Institutes and Centers


Block Center for Technology and Society*

Director: Ramayya Krishnan


Center for African American Urban Studies & the Economy (CAUSE)

Director: Joe W. Trotter Jr., Giant Eagle Professor of History and Social Justice


Center for the Arts in Society*

Director: James Duesing, Professor of Art


Center for Behavioral and Decision Research*

Steering Committee:

  • Alessandro Acquisti, Associate Professor of Information Technology and Public Policy in Heinz College
  • George Loewenstein, Herbert A. Simon University Professor of Economics and Psychology in Dietrich College

Center for Ethics and Policy

Director: Alex John London, Professor of Philosophy


Center for Formal Epistemology

Director: Kevin T. Kelly, Professor of Philosophy


Center for Human Rights Science

Director: Jay D. Aronson, Associate Professor of Science, Technology and Society


Center for Informed Democracy & Social-cybersecurity (IDeaS)*

  • Director: Kathleen Carley, Professor, Institute for Software Research


Center for Risk Perception and Communication

Director: Julie Downs, Associate Research Professor of Social and Decision Sciences


Children’s School

Director: Sharon Carver, Teaching Professor of Psychology and Associate Dean for Educational Affairs


CMU-Pitt BRIDGE Center*

(A joint center with the University of Pittsburgh)

  • Co-director: Timothy Verstynen, Associate Professor, Department of Psychology
  • Co-director: Julie Fiez, Professor, Department of Psychology, University of Pittsburgh

The Humanities Center

Director: David R. Shumway, Professor of English


Modern Language Resource Center

Director: Sébastien Dubreil, Teaching Professor of French and Francophone Studies, Second Language Acquisition and Technology-Enhanced Learning

Neuroscience Institute*

Director: Barbara Shinn-Cunningham, George A. and Helen Dunham Cowan Professor of Auditory Neuroscience, Psychology, Electrical & Computer Engineering, and Biomedical Engineering

* These institutes and/or centers cross multiple schools and colleges.