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PMBC Trial Outline

The figure below illustrates the temporal sequence of Pittsburgh Mind-Body Center (PMBC) study procedures.  See the table below for a more detailed description of the measures taken during each phase of the study.


Figure 1. Temporal sequence of PMBC study activities.  >>Download PowerPoint Slide<<

PMBC Measures by Study Phase

Study Phase Measures Collected
8-10 weeks Pre-Quarantine

• 10-ml blood draw:  viral-specific serum Ab

• Screening questionnaires (no data collected)

4 to 6 weeks Pre-Quarantine

• Screening physical exam

• Urine sample:  urinalysis; pregnancy test

• 25-ml blood draw:

   o HIV;

   o Complete blood count (CBC) & serum chemistry;

   o cytokines (#1)

   o C-reactive protein (CRP) (#1)

• First day of last menstrual period (LMP) (#1)

• Questionnaire Set 1

4 weeks Pre-Quarantine

• 2-day repeated salivary cortisol collections (#1 & #2)

• 24-hour urine collection:  catecholamines (#1)

• Questionnaire Set 2

3 weeks Pre-Quarantine

• Begin 2-week daily interviews

   o social interactions

   o affect

   o health practices

• Questionnaire Set 3

• LMP (#2)

1 day Pre-Quarantine

• Begin 15-hr component of 24-hr urine collection:  catecholamines (#2)

• Questionnaire Set 4

Quarantine Day 0 (Baseline)

• Begin 9-hr component of 24-hr urine collection:  catecholamines (#2)

• Urine sample for pregnancy test

• LMP (#3)

• 1-day repeated salivary cortisol collection (#3)

• Nasal washing for viral isolation

• General physical exam

• 25-ml blood draw:

   o cytokines (#2);

   o CRP (#2);

   o glucocorticoid resistance

• Ear, nose and throat (ENT) exam

• Upper respiratory illness (URI) symptoms (self-report)

• Daily affect & health practices

• Questionnaire Sets 5 & 6

End Quarantine Day 0

Inoculation with Virus (i.e., Viral Challenge)

Quarantine Days 1 though 5*

• Nasal wash:  viral isolation/quantification & cytokines

• URI indicators of pathophysiology

• General physical examination

• ENT exam

• URI symptoms (self-report)

• Daily affect and health practices

End Quarantine Day 5

• Exit physical examination

4 weeks Post-Challenge

• 10-ml blood sample for viral-specific serum Ab

• LMP (#4)

*Participants in the influenza trials (n = 38) were quarantined for 6 rather than 5 days post-challenge.

Study Questionnaire Sets

Questionnaire Set 1

MacArthur Scale of Subjective Social Status
Revised Life Orientation Test
Marital-Adjustment Test
Rusbult Accommodation Scale
Social Network Index
Interpersonal Support Evaluation List
Social Convoy Circles
Opener Scale
Pet Ownership Questionnaire
Job Environment Inventory
General Perceived Health

Questionnaire Set 2

Spielberger State-Trait Anger Expression Inventory (#1)
Goldberg's Adjective Scale (Extraversion & Agreeableness subscales only)
Cook-Medley Hostility Scale (#1)
Marital Interpersonal Support Evaluation List
Clark Marital Intimacy Scale

Questionnaire Set 3

Pearlin Mastery Scale
Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale
Relationship Closeness Inventory
Life Engagement Test
Alcohol Consumption Questionnaire
History and Current Status of Smoking
Paffenbarger Activity Questionnaire
Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index
Pittsburgh Enjoyable Activities Test

Questionnaire Set 4

Spielberger State-Trait Anger Expression Inventory (#2)
Communal Orientation
Clark Emotional Expression to Spouse Scale
Cohen Crappy Spouse Scale
Ryff Scales of Psychological Well-Being (Positive Relationships Scale only)
Center for Epidemiological Studies Depression Scale Short Form

Questionnaire Set 5

Jourard Self-Disclosure Questionnaire
Braiker & Kelley Marital Conflict Scale
Negative Interaction Items
State Affect Scale
Satisfaction With Life Scale
Perceived Stress Scale

Questionnaire Set 6

Goldberg's Adjective Scale
Cook-Medley Hostility Scale (#2)
Global Religious Background
Rusbult Commitment Scale
Eckenrode Marital Stress Scale
Nan Lin Community Ties Survey