Carnegie Mellon University

Psychological and Social Measures

Construct Scale
Affect, state
    past 24-hours

State Adjective Questionnaire (StAQ)

    StAQ State Affect Scale         

    StAQ Affect Circumplex

    StAQ Stress-Arousal Circumplex

Affect, trait

Trait Adjective Questionnaire (TAQ)

    TAQ Trait Affect Scale

    TAQ Affect Circumplex

    TAQ Stress-Arousal Circumplex

    Big 5 Goldberg's Adjective Scale
    optimism Life Orientation Test (LOT)
Social Relationships Social Network Index (SNI)
    major stressful life events Life Events and Difficulties Schedule (LEDS)
    subjective global Perceived Stress Scale (PSS)
Life Effort Life Effort Questionnaire
Socioeconomic Status, objective Study Questionnaire