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Breakfast Questionnaire (PMBC, PCS3*)


Miscellaneous Breakfast Questions 

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Primary References

Smith, A. P., & Rees, G. (2000). Stress, breakfast cereal consumption and susceptibility to upper respiratory tract infections. Nutritional Neuroscience, 3, 339–343.

Cohen, S., Doyle, W. J., & Baum, A. (2006). Socioeconomic status is associated with stress hormones. Psychosomatic Medicine, 68, 414-420.


To assess the frequency with which individuals typically consume breakfast and cereal, in particular.

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1=never, 2 = less than once a week, 3 = once or twice a week, 4 = most days (3-6), 5 = every day

* see also PCS3 Daily Interview Health Behaviors