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Replications of Published Findings

In order to facilitate analyses that incorporate data from any combination of the 5 cold studies, some common variables have been computed using slightly different algorithms than were used to create these same variables for the original analyses appearing in cold study publications (see Combining the 5 Studies).  Other computational algorithms were changed (within individual study data sets as well as within the aggregate) to allow for more accurate interpretation of the construct being represented by the created variable.  Accordingly, in some cases an exact replication will not be possible using the data as provided in the cold study archive.  Importantly, the slight discrepancies in individual variable values do not result in significant differences in the outcomes of replication analyses relative to the published findings

In order to confirm that the data sets that we provide as part of the Common Cold Project are representative of the published findings, we have conducted replication analyses of several of the publications that derived from PCS1, PCS2, and PMBC data.  Here we provide explanations for inconsistences between data codes that were used in these publications and those used in the Common Cold Project data sets.

PCS1 Replications

PCS2 Replications

PMBC Replications