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Self-Reported Health

We use the term self-reported health here broadly to refer to any self-reports of symptoms, biological states, or overall health status.  In all 5 common cold studies, participants reported on their experience of cold-specific and general physical symptoms during each day of quarantine (see Clinical Interview and Observations for BCS, and Daily Symptoms for the 4 Pittsburgh studies).  In 3 of the 5 studies (PCS2, PMBC, PCS3), participants reported on cold and general symptoms during daily telephone interviews administered during baseline before quarantine.  Additional questionnaire measures of self-reported health are listed in the table below.  Detailed information on each assessment can be obtained by clicking on the relevant link.

Category Measure BCS PCS1 PCS2 PMBC PCS3
Self-Reported Health
Physical and psychological
Items from Middlesex Hospital Questionnaire (MHQ)
General illness symptoms in Quarantine
Study questionnaire
Recent cold history
Study questionnaire
Recent menstrual history
Study questionnaire
Perceived Health
Vulnerability to illness
Perceived Vulnerability to Illness Scale
Likelihood of getting a cold Study questionnaire
General perceived health
Items from SF-36 Health Survey