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Pedometer to Assess Physical Activity (PCS3)

Pedometer to Assess Physical Activity (PCS3)

Pedometers, which were used to provide objective assessments of physical activity, were issued at the saliva collection training appointment (Visit 3).  They were worn on participants’ belts during waking hours for 4 days (beginning the morning of the second Evening Interview).  The pedometer used in PCS3 was the Yamax SW-401 Digi-Walker (Yamax Corporation, Tokyo, Japan).  It was purchased from New Lifestyles, Inc.

Participants were instructed to wear the pedometer from the time that they woke up in the morning until the time they went to bed at night.  Participants reported the reading from their pedometers during the Evening Interviews that were conducted during the days they wore the device. The interviewer recorded the reading in the Pedometer Log (PL). A Frequently Asked Questions sheet was also distributed to the participants when they received the pedometer.


Average Number of Steps (across 4 days)