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Measures by Study

This section has been designed to help users determine which of the 5 Cold Study data sets can be used to address their research questions.  A review of this section also may aid users in generating research questions that can be answered by the data archived here.

There are 9 measure categories:

For an overview of the measures comprising each category, and tables indicating in which of the 5 Cold Studies each measure was included, click on the relevant heading (either in the list above or in the navigational menu, at right).  The link will take you to a brief description of the measure category and a table listing each individual measure and in which Cold Study data set(s) the data derived from that measure are available.  Clicking on a specific measure within a category (e.g., alcohol consumption under Health Practices) will provide you with a reference to the measure (when available) and a detailed description of the questionnaire, interview, or procedure used to assess that variable in each study.  (Note that clicking on an in-text URL on any of this site's pages will open a new window in your browser.)