Carnegie Mellon University
Paloma Sierra Hernandez

Paloma Sierra Hernandez

Adviser: David Shumway
Majors: Creative Writing, Drama
Minor: Hispanic Studies

Project -LOGUE: Cultural Exchange through Artistic Translation

Paloma Sierra-Hernandez's project, "Project -LOGUE," will be a collaborative endeavor with Abigail Salmon, a junior in the Department of English. Sierra-Hernandez's intellectual contribution will focus on art as well as cultural theories being applied to artistic practices as a tool for artistic exploration of diverse cultures. Sierra-Hernandez seeks to provide opportunities for cultural exchange through artistic translation and hopes this project will prompt multicultural dialogue while raising awareness of Pittsburgh's linguistic diversity.


Pursuing a bachelor of humanities and arts in creative writing and drama, Sierra-Hernandez's concentrations in scenic design, screen production, playwriting and poetry allow her artistic practice to focus on drama as a tool to prompt intercultural dialogue. She actively explores this approach through funded creative research projects that merge dramatic narratives, design, translation and music accompaniment, such as "Riqueño." Sierra-Hernandez also has translated poetry for Sampsonia Way, reviewed submissions for The Oakland Review and developed poetry-writing workshops for high and elementary school students, which earned her an AXA Achievement Community Scholarship in 2015.