Carnegie Mellon University
Brian Bizier

Brian Bizier

Adviser: Stephen Wittek
Majors: Creative Writing, Dramaturgy

Revenge Project: Untitled Screenplay

Brian Bizier will present an exciting and as-yet unexplored avenue for artistic exploration: the creation of a comedic, character-driven thriller. This project will allow him to use his research skills while also utilizing his background in drama.

The purpose of Bizier's project is to deconstruct the relationship between violence and humor as a historical force and as an aesthetic choice. By deconstructing this relationship, he hopes to draw attention to the ways in which violence is made acceptable in our culture through popular media.

His experience developing, producing, shooting and editing low-budget films will result in a feature-length screenplay and a fully produced short film.


Through Bizier's interdisciplinary academic training, professional experiences and multiple student projects, he has constructed a foundation to make his project a reality. He has studied under many experts in different areas, and most of his film experience was learned in the field. Over the past year, he has served as a director, writer, actor, production coordinator, production assistant, cinematographer, second camera assistant, second assistant director and script supervisor on multiple film and production sets. He has been an active playwright since his arrival at CMU in 2015, but he began to write for the screen after joining CMU's Filmmaking Club. He characterizes his work with an ironic sense of humor, atypical dramatic structures and grounding in social research.