Carnegie Mellon University

How to Print in Dietrich from a Non-Andrew Windows PC

In order to setup an Dietrich printer on a PC that is not a member of the ANDREW domain, you must perform the following. This procedure sets up your computer to reconnect and authenticate to the printer resources on the HSSCOMP print server.

  1. Email and state that you will need permission to print and which department you are associated with, as well as your Andrew ID
  2. On your Microsoft Windows computer:
    • Right-click "My Computer" (or "This PC" in later versions) and choose "Map Network Drive"
    • Set the drive letter to whatever you like (we like Z:)
    • Set the folder to be: \\\hsscomp
    • Place a check in the box for "Reconnect at Logon"
    • Click "Connect Using Different Credentials"
    • Type "andrew\YOURUSERID" where YOURUSERID is your AndrewID
    • Type your Andrew password and click "Ok", then click "Finish"
  3.  Add the printer queue:
    • Click "Start", then "Run", and type: \\
    • Double click on the desired printer queue to add it

The name of the printer can be found on a white label attached to the printer.

Note: Since the "Reconnect at Logon" setting is not always reliable, you may occasionally find it necessary to double-click the mapped network drive to HSSCOMP to elicit the username/password dialog box and relog in before printing.