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Encourage your students to record their names and (coming on Feb 7) share their pronouns in NameCoach.

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Introducing: NameCoach

NameCoach is a tool integrated into Canvas and S3 that is designed to support inclusive teaching practices. It allows you and your students to record and share the pronunciation of your names and indicate your pronouns. These how-to guides will help familiarize you and your students with the tool:

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Initial Course Migrations

Following a successful pilot in Fall 2016, we will start migrating Summer 2017 courses to Canvas.

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Spring 2017

Course Migrations

We will continue to migrate courses for the upcoming term with edits based on student and faculty feedback. By migrating courses slowly over to Canvas, we are able to continuously address pain points for both students and faculty while developing more complete support materials.

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Summer 2017 - Spring 2018

Only Canvas Available

At this point in time, we expect all courses in Carnegie Mellon to use Canvas LMS. We hope to have established a full support system for student and faculty, as well as standardized course templates for specific departments.

June 2018

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