Carnegie Mellon University

CMU/WSP Student Highlights

Read and watch the videos below to hear what previous students have loved most about their semesters in Washington!

Austin Goetz

CMU/WSP Semester: Spring 2020
Majors: International Relations and Politics
Internship: The Wilson Center

Cristina Pullen

CMU/WSP Semester: Spring 2020
Majors: Professional Writing, International Relations and Politics
Internship: US Global Leadership Coalition 

Jacob Feldgoise

CMU/WSP Semester: Spring 2020
Majors: Policy and Management; Science, Technology, and Public Policy
Internship: Georgetown University Center for Security and Emerging Technology

Priya Agarwal


CMU/WSP Semester: Spring 2020
Majors: Ethics, History, and Public Policy
Internship: United Nations Foundation, Policy Planning

“While my internship at the United Nations Foundation didn’t turn out exactly as I expected, the interruption of a global quarantine ultimately didn’t make my work any less exciting than it had been for all the weeks preceding it. As the only intern on the policy planning team, I was lucky enough to have supervisors who treated me like a colleague rather than an intern, which eased an intimidating learning curve.

In my first week at work, I researched and drafted a briefing document compiling predicted areas of policy focus for the upcoming G7 and G20 summits, which was eventually part of the preparation for leaders attending the conferences. I assisted the foundation’s CEO in hosting a roundtable event, and attended discussions featuring executives from tech companies, think tanks in the city, and federal government officials. 

After the quarantine began, I spent most of March preparing for the World Bank and IMF’s spring meetings, which shifted to a virtual format. While I no longer had the opportunity to attend the conferences in person, my team compiled and circulated predicted areas of focus for the conferences as scheduled, and spent the week of the meetings collecting and analyzing policy points made by leaders of the major multilateral organizations in attendance. 

I also completed a long-term research project examining the response to the United Nations’ call for a ceasefire during the COVID-19 pandemic. The extraordinary circumstances created by the pandemic have prompted unprecedented action across the international community – my internship, in accordance, became one of the most demanding yet transformative experiences I’ve ever had.” 

Aden Halpern

CMU/WSP Semester: Spring 2019
Majors: International Relations & Politics; Behavioral Economics, Policy & Organizations
Internship: US Department of State, Labor Affairs

Pierre Saint-Perez

CMU/WSP Semester: Spring 2019
Majors: Ethics, History & Public Policy; Science, Technology, & Public Policy
Internship: Stand Up Republic

Peter Rezk

CMU/WSP Semester: Fall 2018
Majors: Biological Sciences
Internship: Center for American Progress - Generation Progress

Mohammed Siddiqui

CMU/WSP Semester: Spring 2018
Majors: Business Administration; International Relations & Politics
Internship: Solar United Neighbors

Jure Erlic

CMU/WSP Semester: Fall 2017
Majors: International Relations & Politics; Social & Political History
Internship: Embassy of Peru

Maggie Edwards

CMU/WSP Semester: Spring 2017
Major: Ethics, History, and Public Policy
Internship: U.S. National Archives - Boeing Education Center

Victor Tavarez

CMU/WSP Semester: Spring 2017
Major: International Relations and Politics
Internship: House Committee on Small Business; Office of Representative Nadia Valazquez (NY-7)

Patrick Dykiert

CMU/WSP Semester: Spring 2017
Majors: Psychology; Policy and Management
Internship: Center for Budget and Policy Priorities - Media