Carnegie Mellon University

Cristina Archetti, Terrorism and the Media: Explaining Radicalization and Political Violence in the Age of Interconnectedness

Wednesday, January 23, 2013, 4:45-6:00pm, Steinberg Auditorium, Baker Hall A53

Dr. Cristina Archetti is Associate Professor in Politics and Media at the University of Salford (UK). She is author of Understanding Terrorism in the Age of Global Media: A Communication Approach (Palgrave, 2012) and Explaining News: National Politics and Journalistic Cultures in Global Context (Palgrave, 2010). Her research interests are multidisciplinary and cover: political communication, specifically spin and media management, the impact of new media on diplomatic practice and “public diplomacy 2.0,” the visual dimension of political mobilization; international communication and journalism, especially the future of foreign correspondence and the comparison of journalistic practices across different countries, information environments and urban ecologies; security, particularly the role of the media in the process of radicalization and in the construction of transnational radical identities. She won the 2008 Denis McQuail Award for Innovating Communication Theory.

Sponsored by the Center for International Relations and Politics.