Carnegie Mellon University

LTG H.R. McMaster, "Harbingers of Future War: Today’s Conflicts and Implications for Defense Strategy"

The Carnegie Mellon University Lecture Series on War and the Humanities

(A joint initiative of the Humanities Center and the Center for International Relations and Politics)

Monday, March 28, 2016, 1:30-2:45pm, Connan Room, Cohon University Center

LTG H.R. McMaster, Deputy Commanding General, Futures; Director, Army Capabilities Integration Center

In recent years, many of the difficulties encountered in strategic decision making, operational planning, training, and force development stemmed from neglect of continuities in the nature of war.  To develop the future force, Army leaders consider key continuities in the nature of war and are examining how the U.S. experience in Afghanistan and Iraq validated their importance.  Army leaders are also learning from today’s conflicts to identify changes in the character of warfare and implications for future force development.

Sponsored by the Center for International Relations and Politics, Humanities Center, and the Institute for Strategic Analysis.

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