Carnegie Mellon University

Defense Intelligence Agency Executive Short Course

  • July 29, 2020

In July 2020, ISA hosted a virtual day-long course for the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) to examine the ways in which new and emerging technologies are impacting violent extremist organizations and the overall changing nature of warfare. Attendees included representatives from the DIA and the Joint Staff. Faculty from across CMU gave presentations on military applications of artificial intelligence, the impact on synthetic actors of COVID-19, facial recognition technology, and more.

Session 1: Drivers and Linkages for the Transnational RMVE Movement

Dr. Colin P. Clarke, Assistant Teaching Professor, Institute for Politics and Strategy

Session 2: COVID-19, Synthetic Actors and Extremism

Dr. Kathleen Carley, Professor of Computer Science, Institute for Software Research

Session 3: Facial Recognition 2.0

Dr. Marios Savvides, Research Professor and Bossa Nova Robotics Professor of Artificial Intelligence, Electrical and Computer Engineering;
Director, CyLab Biometrics Center

Session 4: Military Applications of Artificial Intelligence

Dr. Forrest Morgan, Adjunct Professor, Institute for Politics and Strategy

Session 5: Private Security Contractors in an Irregular Warfare Environment

Dr. Molly Dunigan, Lecturer, Institute for Politics and Strategy

Session 6: Disinformation by VEOs: Belief, Effects, Inoculation

Dr. Daniel Silverman, Postdoctoral Fellow, Institute for Politics and Strategy