Carnegie Mellon University

The Institute for Politics and Strategy sponsors the Carnegie Mellon University Journal of Politics and Strategy, an opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students to publish their work in international relations and political science. Students from across campus contribute scholarly analyses of current problems facing the United States and the international system and perform interviews with the nation’s thought leaders.

IPS publishes a print edition of the journal each semester, but also publishes timely articles online, written by Carnegie Mellon faculty as well as IPS Policy Forum guests, allowing them to weigh in on an area germane to their research as current events dictate. 

In 2010, four students -- Yong-Gyun Choi, Amanda Kennard, Inyoung Song, and Audrey Williams -- began discussing the implications of their research in the IPS lab. Kiron Skinner, the Taube Professor of the Institute for Politics and Strategy, suggested they create a scholarly journal, and three years later, the first Journal was published, with Professor Skinner serving as publisher and editor-in-chief.

Eleven more have followed, and the Journal has allowed students from across Carnegie Mellon the opportunity to publish their work. This year, we expanded the Journal to include an online format, allowing Carnegie Mellon faculty the opportunity to publish articles more quickly, ensuring that their work is timely and relevant when it reaches the readership.