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A trip out west for the IPS military fellows

Taube Professor for International Relations and Politics Kiron Skinner, a Hoover Institution Fellow, took the IPS military fellows to Hoover, where they met with Condoleezza Rice, H.R. McMaster, and more. 


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Two International Relations and Politics Majors, Diana Crookston and Tristan Ohler, attend the 2022 Naval Academy Foreign Affairs Conference, May 6, 2022

For a few days, Diana Crookston walked in her father’s shoes. 

Crookston’s father attended the Naval Academy in the 1980s before serving as a Navy SEAL. This month, Crookston, a junior majoring in International Relations and Politics, and Tristan Ohler, a sophomore IRP major, attended the Naval Academy Foreign Affairs Conference, an event that brings hundreds of undergraduate students from around the world to the Academy’s Annapolis, Maryland campus for a discussion of global affairs. Read more

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