Carnegie Mellon University

Military Fellows Program

The Institute for Politics and Strategy is anchored at the intersection of technology, policy, cybersecurity, national security, and artificial intelligence, and brings together individuals from diverse academic, policy, and technical backgrounds working to solve problems with real-world national security implications. IPS is a focal point for world-class faculty and researchers working across disciplines to tackle some of the most pressing global security challenges, from international terrorism to cyber warfare. The military fellow program affords fellows with an opportunity for integrated research and an educational experience that sits at the vital intersection of information technology, policy, and the decision sciences. The program is a customized, non-degree course of study for individuals who wish to focus on development and management of innovative, large-scale information systems, cybersecurity and deterrence, information analysis and exploitation, international relations, and the behavioral and social science foundations of intelligence analysis and decision making. Fellows also have an opportunity to engage in a range of research projects with significant potential for real-world policy impact. 

IPS currently hosts an Army War College Fellow, a Navy Federal Executive Fellow, and a US Coast Guard Fellow each academic year.  Beginning in 2023-2024, IPS will begin hosting a US Air Force Fellow.  IPS Military Fellows attend a robust series of lectures and events, join in roundtable conversations, and audit courses within IPS and across the university, while working on research projects for their military assignments.