Carnegie Mellon University

CIRP Spring 2011 Policy Forum

February 23, 2011 Moataz Fattah, Associate Professor of Political Science, Cairo University: "The Winds of Political Change in Egypt and the Arab World"
March 15 Sebastian Harnisch, Professor of International Relations and Director of the Institute of Political Science, University of Heidelberg: "Twenty Years After Reunification: The Sources of Germany's Foreign Policy Conduct"
March 24, 2011 Howard Dean, Former Democratic National Committee Chairman and Former Governor of Vermont: "The Health of the Nation"
March 31, 2011 Robert Powell, Robson Professor of Political Science, University of California, Berkeley: "Rationalist Accounts of War"
April 1, 2011 "Three Big Players Out of Sync: The United States, China, and Germany in the Economic Crisis" With Lee Branstetter, Barry Naughton, and Stephen J. Silvia
April 25, 2011 Debora Spar, President of Barnard College: "Why Women Matter"
April 26, 2011 Blake Hounshell, Managing Editor, Foreign Policy: "America and the Arab Revolutions"

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