Carnegie Mellon University

The Institute for Politics and Strategy's Postdoctoral Fellow program provides an opportunity for ascending scholars to hone their craft. They teach classes, conduct research, and learn from experienced faculty both inside IPS and across Carnegie Mellon.The Politics and Strategy Research Workshop is one of the ways in which Postdoctoral Fellows receive feedback and support.

While studying at Ohio State, Daniel Silverman enjoyed a series of academic workshops where PhD candidates discussed their latest work. When Silverman joined the Institute for Politics and Strategy, he brought the idea with him and created the PSRW.

"It's meant to be a smaller, more intensive workshop where you have to read carefully ahead and come armed with your ideas," said Silverman, an IPS Assistant Professor.

Six to eight times a semester, IPS faculty will submit a paper or portion of a book for discussion. They'll receive feedback on everything from voice and presentation to order and argument.

"We have a thriving, productive internal faculty research and postdoctoral research workshop," Silverman said. "It's something that I think people enjoy. Everybody is able to present in there. You learn about each other's work, but usually substantially improve your own." A sample of this fall's topics:

Politics and Strategy Research Workshop: A home for professional development

  •  Tuesday, February 15th -- Daniel Silverman, "Of Testosterone and Time Horizons: Rebel Leader Age and the Outcomes of Rebel Campaigns"
  • Tuesday, March 15th -- Pearce Edwards, "Framing Contentious Events at the U.S. Southern Border and Support for Migration"
  • Tuesday, March 29th -- Steve Curtis, "A New Character: Rethinking Intelligence for 2035"
  • Tuesday, April 12th -- Daniel Hansen, "Strategic Deception: The Politics of Central Bank Reform"
  • Tuesday, April 26th -- John Chin, "Which Coups Promote Democracy? Revisiting the Good Coup Hypothesis"