Carnegie Mellon University

Daryl Grisgraber - "Refugees from the Syrian Crisis: Reflections on the Changing Needs and the International Response"

Wednesday, September 23, 2015, 5:00-6:00pm, Baker Hall A53

Over the past four and a half years, the conflict in Syria has driven 4 million people from the country into exile as refugees. Well over 7 million more people are displaced inside Syria’s borders. The World Response to the Syrian refugees was energetic for the first couple of years, but as the conflict became more extended and other crisis demanded humanitarian resources, attention to Syria and Syrians in need began to dwindle. The needs of the displaced both inside and outside of Syria have changed over the years, but the ability to address them and to create hope for the future is not developing apace. The crisis in Iraq has further complicated assistance to Syrians in the region while simultaneously creating a large new group of people in need. How have the needs of Syrian refugees changed over the course of the conflict? What can be expected of the international community in such protracted crisis?

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