Carnegie Mellon University

Graduate Study in IPS

Master of Science in International Relations and Politics (MS IRP)

The MS IRP serves four academic and professional goals:

  1. To allow students to specialize in one of four conventional areas of political science: international security, international relations, American politics, and comparative politics.
  2. To equip students with strong methodological skills.
  3. To guide students in the production of a significant and publishable thesis.
  4. To prepare students to enter the job market, whether their interests are in academia or the professional world. Students are guided through the internship and job application process by our faculty and staff on campus and Washington, DC.

IPS also offers an Accelerated Master of Science in International Relations and Politics (IRP/AMP) for current Carnegie Mellon University undergraduate students. Students in the IRP/AMP begin graduate coursework in the senior year and complete the master's degree in their fifth year of study.

Master of Information Technology Strategy (MITS)

The Master of Information Technology Strategy (MITS) is a cooperative endeavor of the College of Engineering (CIT), School of Computer Science (SCS) and the Institute for Politics and Strategy (IPS).

The MITS program provides a multidisciplinary education that prepares students to define and conceptualize:

  • the emerging environment of threats caused by cyber operations;
  • opportunities for enhanced information analysis and exploitation;
  • development and management of innovative information technology systems; and
  • decision-making challenges associated with the above.