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Jodie Hung

Advisor: Kasey Creswell
Major: Psychology

A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Alcohol Cue Reactivity in Alcohol Drinkers

High prevalence rates of excessive alcohol use and alcohol use disorder (AUD) pose serious health and economic concerns. Research on alcohol craving has garnered significant interest over the last two decades due to compelling evidence that craving drives alcohol use and relapse. In the laboratory, alcohol cue exposure paradigms are often used to provoke craving states so that important, state-dependent cognitive and affective shifts may be captured as they unfold. Despite the promise of alcohol cue exposure paradigms in helping to understand craving- related processes, there has been limited success in inducing robust alcohol craving states in participants. The study will be the first systematic review and meta-analysis on the strength of craving responses during alcohol cue reactivity studies from the past two decades. It will also examine potential moderator variables that may influence the strength of craving responses (i.e., sex, age, heavy vs. light drinker, AUD diagnosis status, treatment status). The results can inform best-practices in conducting alcohol cue-reactivity studies and facilitate the development of more effective, targeted treatments.


I’m really excited to become a clinical psychologist and help people regain autonomy over their mind, thoughts, and behaviors. I work in the Human Health and Performance Lab, where I study how attention training can help alleviate symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. Through my thesis, I hope to contribute to the literature about alcohol craving to help guide treatments for binge drinkers or people with alcohol use disorders. Outside of school, I enjoy rock-climbing, painting, and travelling to different countries to try new and unique foods.