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The Common Cold Project


The Common Cold Project (CCP) began in 2011 with the aim of creating, documenting, and archiving a database that combines final research data from 5 prospective viral-challenge studies that were conducted over the preceding 25 years.  The breadth of data collected across these five studies will provide investigators from multiple disciplines with the opportunity to explore countless research questions that have yet to be addressed. 

The information contained in this website includes descriptions of each study's design and protocol, documentation of all measures collected in the studies, instructions on how to access the datasets that are available for download, as well as a list of papers and publications...(more)

The Data

Each of the 5 studies comprising the CCP was designed to assess a specific set of hypotheses regarding factors that influence individuals' susceptibilities to the common cold.  However, all of the studies also collected data on a broad range of biological, psychological, social, and behavioral factors.  To see more information on the specific measures that were collected in each study, click on the icons below.  Alternatively, you can click on Measures by Study in the left hand navigation column.

test1 biological pathways interviews demographics
health practices psychological and social self-rated health stress reactivity

What is available on the CCP website? 

Measures by Study:  Provides an overview of the 8 categories of measures that were collected across the 5 studies.  Clicking on a given category will bring you to a table listing all measures of that category that were collected in each of the studies.  Names of specific measures link to pages providing detailed information about how the measure was assessed.

British Cold Study, Pittsburgh Cold Study 1, Pittsburgh Cold Study 2, Mind-Body Center Study, and Pittsburgh Cold Study 3:  Each page contains a description of the named study, the timeline of data collection and documentation for all measures assessed in each study.

Combining the 5 Studies:  Provides a description of the Aggregated Data Set that combines data from all 5 studies.

Data:  Contains the Common Cold Project Data-Sharing Agreement as well as the User Registration and Terms and Conditions of Use.  After completing the registration form, CCP users will be provided with a link to the downloadable data sets.

Human Subjects: Provides details regarding IRB approval, participant inclusion and exclusion criteria, as well as participant inform consent documents used in each study.

Investigators:  Provides a list of the investigators involved in each of the 5 studies, as well as the Data Aggregation Team.

Publications:  Provides a list of all papers that have been published by CCP investigators using CCP data. 

Analysis and Publication Forms:  Gives CCP website users the opportunity to provide bibliographic information for research they publish using CCP data, as well as to see other new papers that have been published using these data.




The Common Cold Project (CCP) website was conceptualized and designed by Sheldon Cohen, PhD and Denise Janicki Deverts, PhD.  All content was prepared by SC and DJD, and reviewed by members of the CCP Data Aggregation Team. The site was built by Ellen Conser, M.A., using Carnegie Mellon University's Content Management System (CMS) web development application.  Creation of the website was supported by a grant from the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH; R01 AT006694-01, 2011-2016). All data referenced by and made available through this website were collected by the Laboratory for the Study of Stress, Immunity, and Disease at Carnegie Mellon University under the directorship of Sheldon Cohen, PhD.