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Kathryn Barraclough

Kathryn Barraclough

Head, MBA Program; Distinguished Service Professor of Finance

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  • GSIA - Tepper School of Business - Room 101A
  • 412-268-5241
5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Areas of Expertise



  • Australian National University - Ph D (Finance) - 2007
  • Australian National University - BA (Commerce) - 2000
  • Australian National University - BA (Economics) - 2000


  • Using option prices to infer overpayments and synergies in M&A transactions

    (author(s): Kathryn Barraclough, David Robinson, Tom Smith, Robert Whaley)
    Review of Financial Studies 26, 2013; 695-722

  • Early exercise of put options on stocks

    (author(s): Kathryn Barraclough, Robert Whaley)
    Journal of Finance 67, 2012; 1423-1456

  • Put option exercise and short stock interest arbitrage

    (author(s): Kathryn Barraclough, Robert Whaley)
    Journal of Investment Management 10(4), 2012; 1-16

  • Stock option contract adjustments: the case of special dividends

    (author(s): Kathryn Barraclough, Hans Stoll, Robert Whaley)
    Journal of Financial Markets 15, 2012; 233-257

Working Papers

  • PIPEs and firm performance

    (author(s): Kathryn Barraclough, Karen Benson, Tom Smith)

  • Treasury stock

    (author(s): Kathryn Barraclough, Alice Bonaimé, Nicole Jenkins)