Carnegie Mellon University
Graduate Student Orientation

University-wide Graduate Student Orientation

August 13 - 16, 2018
The Carnegie Mellon University-wide Graduate Student Orientation takes place every fall to provide an introduction to university-level services, programs, and resources for graduate students. Attendance is highly recommended. All events and sessions are free of charge.  In preparation for your arrival and time here at Carnegie Mellon, there are several New Student Action Items that you SHOULD begin addressing PRIOR to your arrival!    

We are moving


The Graduate Education Office moved on August 1 to Posner Hall, offices 246-249, for the coming year.  Once we get settled in don't hesitate to stop by! We will have directional signs to help you find our offices.  All phone numbers will remain the same.

  • Suzie Laurich-McIntyre: 246 Posner Hall
  • Desirée Chronick: 248 Posner Hall
  • Julia Wittkamper: 249 Posner Hall

Professional development events

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