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Teaching as Research Poster Session

Showcasing exciting CMU projects and evidence-based approaches. View each abstract or high-resolution poster by clicking the title of the poster.

College of Fine Arts

Scupelli, Peter

CFA, School Of Design

Brooks, Judy

Eberly Center

Lessons Learned Overhauling An OLI-based Flipped Class Course To Canvas

Dietrich College

Delahay, Anita

DC, Psychology

Lovett, Marsha

DC, Psychology/Eberly Center

Predicting Performance From Features Of An Instructional Design And Their Use

Eng, Cassondra

Boyle, Kristen

Fisher, Anna

DC, Psychology

Illustration Design And Beginning Readers Attention Allocation And Comprehension

Goss, Margaret

DC, English

Connecting Course Concepts To Course Objectives

Martella, Amedee

Klahr, David

DC, Psychology

Teaching The Control-of-variables Strategy Through Different Forms Of Active Learning

Neuwirth, Chris

DC, English

An OLI-based Tutor For Teaching Prose Style

Owen, Abigail

DC, History

Low-stakes Reading Quizzes To Promote Critical Reading And Effective Note-taking

Nugent, Rebecca

Reinhart, Alex

Wieczorek, Jerzy

Elliott, Peter

Hyun, Sangwon

DC, Statistics & Data Science

Assessment Of Student Learning And Misconception Identification In An Introductory Statistics Course

Penman, Will

DC, English

Learning From Our Teaching By Reflecting On Iterative Pedagogical Changes

Werner, Necia

DC, English

Dickert, Joanna

Wallach, Stephanie

Undergraduate Research Office

Shanmugaraj, Nisha

Global Communications Center

Monahan, Kevin

Career And Professional Development Center

Speak Up! A Program For Teaching Communication Skills To Summer Undergraduate Researchers

Heinz College

McCarthy, Michael

Mertz, Joseph


Melville, Michael

Hershock, Chad

Eberly Center

Debriefing Lab Content Using Active Learning Was Found To Improve Performance

Pastor, Lynne

HNZ, School Of Information Systems

Active Learning- Technique And Timing: Does It Matter?

Mellon College of Science

Brasier, Daniel

Spix, Teresa

MCS, Biological Sciences

Using Blogs As Practice Writing About Original Neuroscience Papers

Braun, Maggie

MCS, Biological Sciences

Gadgil, Soniya

Eberly Center

Harty, Martha


Hovis, Kenneth

MCS, Biological Sciences

Lovett, Marsha

DC, Psychology/Eberly Center

Assessing The OLI Course CollabU: On Students Learning And Attitudes Towards Collaboration

Vuocolo, Leonard

MCS, Chemistry

Weiss, Emily

Eberly Center

Exam Wrappers And Their Impact On Improving Exam Performance In Introductory Chemistry

Tepper School of Business

Henry, Kim

Liang, Pierre

Xue, Wenjie


Applying Student Engagement And Learning Objective Analyses To Improve Online Accounting Tutorial

Herckis, Lauren


Contextualizing Expertise: A Strategy For Maximizing Guest Lectures

Railing, Brian


Small Changes, Large Effects

Sakr, Majd


Lovett, Marsha

DC, Psychology/Eberly Center

Dashti, Cameron


Outcomes Of An Online Course On Academic Integrity With Local And Remote Students

Sankaranarayanan, Sreecharan

Rosé, Carolyn


Dashti, Cameron

Sakr, Majd


Evaluating The Use Of Transactive Exchange To Form Effective Teams In A Computer Science Course