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Applying Student Engagement And Learning Objective Analyses To Improve
Online Accounting Tutorial

Incoming first-year students in the Tepper MBA program are enrolled in a self-guided,
online pre-term accounting tutorial based on content from Cambridge Business
Publishers through their myBusinessCourse platform. The tutorial is intended to
familiarize students several elementary accounting concepts and techniques prior to
their first accounting core course.
A review of last year’s tutorial data uncovered an opportunity to improve student
engagement as demonstrated by completion of end-of-section homework exercises,
end-of-module quizzes, and the cumulative self-assessment.
To identify potential changes to the accounting tutorial for AY17-18, our analysis focused

  • Determining if the scope of the tutorial targets the necessary learning objectives;
  • Evaluating the application and availability of formative practice along with assessment in the tutorial; and
  • Evaluating the alignment among learning objectives, instructional content, and assessments.

We will present revisions made to the tutorial along with preliminary results through
summaries of formative and summative assessment data from AY17-18 tutorial.

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Henry, Kim
Liang, Pierre
Xue, Wenjie