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Outcomes Of An Online Course On Academic Integrity With Local And Remote

Efforts to foster an environment and culture of academic integrity primarily impact
residential students. However, some masters students are expected to take a
demanding, programming-heavy gateway course over the summer before they arrive on
campus. These students have not been through the university orientation process nor
have they read their program's handbook, leaving them susceptible to committing an
academic integrity violation. To mitigate this situation, we have created an online course
on academic integrity. This course was authored and administered using the Open
Learning Initiative (OLI). Students learn about Carnegie Mellon’s policies via interactive
activities with rich feedback about a variety of real scenarios and a video. In this poster
we will present the design of the course, several data-informed enhancements, and
potential outcomes in terms of learning effectiveness and pre/post quiz results from
several offerings of the course over the past academic year.

Sakr, Majd
Lovett, Marsha
DC, Psychology/Eberly Center
Dashti, Cameron