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Speak Up! A Program For Teaching Communication Skills To Summer
Undergraduate Researchers

In summer 2016, the Undergraduate Research Office (URO) piloted the Speak Up!
Program, a series of summer workshops to teach strategies for communicating complex
research to non-expert public audiences. In summer 2017, we launched year two of the
program, building on the strengths and lessons learned from our pilot year with particular
emphasis on audience analysis, concision, self-assessment, and opportunities for
practice and feedback. Here, we provide updates to the program, including strategies for
using technology and in-workshop activities to keep students engaged, ways in which
the workshops function as flexible modules, some preliminary feedback from students,
as well as ongoing, extended post-program assessment activities.

Werner, Necia
DC, English
Dickert, Joanna
Wallach, Stephanie
Undergraduate Research Office
Shanmugaraj, Nisha
Global Communications Center
Monahan, Kevin
Career And Professional Development Center