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Lessons Learned Overhauling An OLI-based Flipped Class Course To Canvas

Design for sustainability opportunities reside in bridging between short-term action and long-term strategic thinking. Unfortunately, traditional design pedagogy poorly equips designers for long-term strategic thinking. In the Dexign Futures class described in this poster, students learn to align short-term design with long-term horizons. Dexign Futures is a required design studies class for all third year undergraduate students in the School of Design at Carnegie Mellon University. Flipped-courses shift lectures and instruction to the online learning initiative (OLI) course to use class time for hands-on activities. Online homework helps students prepare for in-class activities. During in-class activities, the course instructor provide students with immediate feedback and answer questions. Likewise, in-class team activities and peer feedback can enhance student learning. The student experience is affected by the course management tools used. In this poster, we describe improvements to student experience expected from a course overhaul from Blackboard to Canvas.

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Scupelli, Peter
CFA, School Of Design
Brooks, Judy
Eberly Center