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Other Campus Resources

When including information on campus resources, consider the following:

  • What campus resources are relevant to the course context?
  • How can campus resources support students’ success in a variety of ways, even those not specifically related to the course (e.g. CAPS, ICC)?

For a list of campus resources and quick links to their homepages, visit this page.

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Support for Academic and Professional Literacy Development

During the semester you may find that you would like to pursue extra support for your writing.

You can find support for your writing at the following places:

  • My regularly scheduled office hours
  • Make appointments or go for walk-in tutoring with Academic Development, which is located in Cyert Hall. This office also provides walk-in peer tutoring for 76-101 some weeknights in the Donner and Mudge Reading Rooms. You can learn more about them here:
  • Consider visiting the Global Communication Center at the first floor of the Hunt Library. The Center provides support for communication practices (including written, visual, and oral communication) across the disciplines. For more information, please contact the GCC at Or, go to

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