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Communication Support has trained consultants who are ready to help you with any kind of written, verbal, or visual project. If you're conveying ideas to another person, we'll help you make sure those ideas are clear and communicated effectively. 

We offer free communication consulting Monday through Friday, and free workshops regularly throughout the semester. These services are available for any CMU undergraduate or graduate student from any discipline, as well as faculty and staff members. 

Personalized Consultations

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Work one-on-one with our communication experts.  Communication Support Consultants teach you new strategies for communicating research, proposals, presentations, essays, and applications.  We work with all CMU students, from first-year undergraduates through Ph.D. students publishing papers and dissertations.


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Learn about specific, research-backed communication strategies, ranging from writing effective emails to presenting data effectively to communicating successfully in a team.


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We have a growing library of handouts, videos, and short online courses that concisely explain specific communication strategies.  We cover topics from writing job application letters and statements of purpose to organizing essays to completing your dissertation.

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"Not only did I get a sense of how I can write more effectively, but also gained a better understanding of how to optimize my thinking process for different writing tasks."

— Graduate student in Heinz College

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"This was one of the best hours spent of my academic career. I have always been insecure about my writing skills, but while working with my tutor, I got very precise and effective feedback. My consultant had already looked at the document I uploaded, had very specific queries as we started the session, and then addressed them with very specific answers."

— Visiting Scholar, Computer Science

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"I didn't expect to get much done because I didn't have a draft, but we made a lot of progress with just the outline! I have a better idea of what my paper will be now."

— Undergraduate student in Psychology and Linguistics

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"This is the type of personal attention you need that can sometimes be forgotten in college."

— Undergraduate student, School of Design