Carnegie Mellon University

Student Academic Success Center

Office of the Vice Provost for Education

Language and Cross-cultural Support

More than 60% of graduate students at Carnegie Mellon are international students, and others are nonnative speakers of English who have attended high school or undergraduate programs in the US. Many of these students want to hone their language and cross-cultural skills for academic and professional success. Students can choose from sessions on
  • how to give a strong presentation
  • writing academic emails
  • espectations and strategies for clear academic writing
  • how to talk about yourself as a professional in the U.S.
  • developing clearer pronunciation
  • using accurate grammar
  • building fluency, and more
Students can make an appointment with a Language Development Specialist to get individualized coaching on language or cross-cultural issues.

The Student Academic Success Center (SASC) is also charged with certifying the language of International Teaching Assistants (ITAs), ensuring that nonnative English speakers have the language proficiency needed to succeed as teaching assistants in the Carnegie Mellon classroom. Students preparing to do an ITA Certification should plan to take classes offered by the language support team at the SASC from the beginning of their first semester.

Start by contacting the language support specialist or attend a Language Support Orientation at the SASC or in your department.

Types of Language Support


4—6 weeks


90 minutes

1 on 1 Consultations

45 Minutes

Self-paced Work