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Peer Tutoring

Our tutoring services are offered in two formats:

Drop-in Tutoring

Drop-In tutoring targets our highest demand courses through regularly scheduled open tutoring sessions during the fall and spring semesters. You are not required to commit to regular attendance and you can come as needed throughout the semester. You can utilize Drop-In Tutoring to discuss course related content, clarify and ask questions, work through practice problems, and stay and do work.

The peer learning support staff consists of tutors, academic coaches, and supplemental instruction leaders who are both undergraduate as well as graduate students. We are all concerned about our health as a community of learners, and therefore, during the coaching, tutoring, and SI sessions, we request that any student with fever, cough, or any respiratory symptoms stay at home. Please do not attend the session and place others in jeopardy. Instead, call UHS at 412 268- 2157 for consultations, and return to any of these sessions when you are feeling better and your health has improved.

Fall 2023 Drop-In Tutoring Schedule

All Drop-In Tutoring Sessions are from 8:00pm - 10:00pm(unless otherwise noted)

Course Day of the Week Location Tutor
03-121 Modern Biology I Mondays Posner 280 Clara D.
06-100 Introduction to Chemical Engineering &
06-223 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics
Sundays Posner 282 Shreya M.
09-105 Modern Chemistry I Tuesdays Posner A62 Mackenzie R.
09-106 Modern Chemistry II Wednesdays Posner A63 Rafael G.
09-217 Organic Chemistry I Tuesdays Posner 282 Patrick Z.
15-110 Principles of Computing Sundays Fifth & Clyde Neighborhood Space Sachi A.
15-112 Fundamentals of Programming and Computer Science Mondays Posner A62 Wesley T.
15-122 Priciples of Imperative Computing Mondays Posner 282 Eric P.
15-151 Mathematical Foundations for CS Thursdays Fifth & Clyde Neighborhood Space Charlotte W.
15-213 Introduction to Computer Systems Sundays Posner A63 Arda A.
21-111 Calculus I &
21-112 Calculus II
Sundays Posner 280 Aidan C.
21-120 Differential and Integral Calculus Wednesdays Posner 280 Claire S.
21-122 Integration and Approximation Tuesdays Posner 280 Mia P.
21-127 Concepts of Mathematics Wednesdays Posner A62 Lucas Y.
21-241 Matrices and Linear Transformations Sundays Posner A62 David W.
21-254 Linear Algebra Mondays Posner A63 Cemal O.
21-259 Calculus in 3D Thursdays Posner 282 Kevin J.
21-260 Differential Equations Thursdays (8:30-10:30pm) Posner 280 Rozay C.
33-121 Physics I &
33-122 Physics II
Thursdays Posner A63 Audrey C.
33-141 Physics I for Engineering Students Wednesdays Posner 282 Gabe M.
33-142 Physics II for Engineering Students Wednesdays Donner Reading Room Audrey C.
36-200 Reasoning with Data &
36-202 Methods for Statistics and Data Science
Wednesdays Fifth & Clyde Neighborhood Space Pranav S.
36-225 Introduction to Probability Theory&
36-235 Probability and Statistical Inference
Thursdays Posner A62 Zihan Y.
42-202 Physiology Mondays Donner Reading Room Emily L.
73-102 Principles of Microeconomics Sundays (6:00pm-8:00pm) Donner Reading Room Risha S.

1-on-1 and Small Group Tutoring Appointments

Tutoring consists of ongoing individualized and small group sessions for students seeking support related to their coursework. You can utilize tutoring to discuss course related content, clarify and ask questions, work through practice problems, etc.

To make an appointment, please visit our WCOnline Peer Tutoring schedule. To use the site, you will need to complete the one-time step of creating account. After this, you can use this account to request tutors going forward.

Visit WCOnline to schedule a Peer Tutoring Appointment!