Carnegie Mellon University

Peer Tutoring

1-on-1 and Small Group Tutoring Appointments

Tutoring is offered in a limited capacity for Summer I/All and Summer II. Sessions take place virtually in Eastern Time, if you are in another time zone, please plan accordingly when booking on WCOnline.

Tutoring consists of ongoing individualized and small group sessions for students seeking support related to their coursework. You can utilize tutoring to discuss course related content, clarify and ask questions, work through practice problems, etc.

To make an appointment, please visit our WCOnline Peer Tutoring schedule. To use the site, you will need to complete the one-time step of creating account. After this, you can use this account to request tutors going forward.

Courses Supported for Summer II

  • 03121 Modern Biology
  • 03232 Biochemistry
  • 09105 Chemistry I
  • 10301 Intro to Machine Learning
  • 15110 Principles of Computing
  • 15112 Fundamentals of Programing & Computer Science
  • 15122 Principles of Imperative Computation
  • 15150 Principles of Functional Programming
  • 15213 Intro to Computer Systems
  • 18213 Intro to Computer Systems
  • 21120 Differential and Integral Calculus
  • 21127 Concepts of Mathematics
  • 21241 Matrices & Linear Transformations
  • 33141 Physics I for Engineering Students
  • 33142 Physics II for Engineering Students
  • 36200 Reasoning with Data
  • 36202 Methods for Statistics & Data Sciences
  • 36226 Intro to Statistical Inference
  • 70122 Intro to Accounting
  • 73102 Principles of Microeconomics
  • Python

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