Carnegie Mellon University

Campus Resources

Family and parents have many questions about the university resources available to support their student. While we encourage our students to develop independence and the life skills necessary to successfully navigate their personal affairs on campus, family members are important partners to help connect students to key resources. The resources on this page are gathered into sections that family members tell us are most important to them.  

If you can’t find information about an important question, please don’t hesitate to email or call the Office of Family Engagement at 412-268-2142.

Academic Resources

Academic advisors are a primary source of academic support for students. In addition to academic questions, students can utilize their advisor to develop educational plans, evaluate progress towards goals and cultivate problem solving and decision making skills. Family members must receive permission from their students to review their student's academic information. My Plaid Student is a system that allows family members to view their student's information, including mid-semester and final grades.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Resources

Carnegie Mellon students come from all 50 states and countries all over the world. They bring varied cultural backgrounds and life experiences to campus, and this diversity is a strength and an integral part of the CMU experience.

Health and Well-Being Resources

At Carnegie Mellon, individual and collective well-being is rooted in healthy connections, both to people and to campus resources. How we care for our holistic selves and others is important to our success. We encourage students to balance their academic pursuits with other interests and to make time for activities that they enjoy. 

Financial Resources

Family members are key partners in educating students about smart financial choices and alerting students to scholarships and funding resources. Students can set up a My Plaid Student account for family members to give access to their student’s invoice, account activity and to make payments to the account. 

Safety Resources

The safety and well-being of every individual in the Carnegie Mellon community is a top priority. While the university takes regular measures to ensure campus safety, we also want to educate students on the precautions they can take to minimize their risk. For any emergency, call the CMU Police Department at 412-268-2323.

Campus Services

Carnegie Mellon officers a number of campus services that support the day-to-day experience of our campus community. 

The Word

At Carnegie Mellon, our ambition is that all students reach their highest potential in the areas of intellectual and artistic pursuits, personal well-being, professional development, leadership, and contribution to the larger community.

The Word: Student Handbook documents the university’s expectations, the process that will be followed if standards are not met, and the rights and responsibilities afforded to and expected of each member of the CMU community.