Carnegie Mellon University

FIRST Together @CMU

Diversity is a core value at Carnegie Mellon University. It is the vehicle in which we, as an institution, achieve the highest levels of academic excellence. Our community is comprised of highly talented students, faculty, staff, alumni and parents that come from all over the world with each person uniquely bringing an enriched background of experiences, skills, and intellectual strengths. First generation students at Carnegie Mellon are trailblazers. They are ready to collaborate across disciplines, solve critical societal challenges, and thus impact the world in unimaginable ways. Our inclusive policies and practices help our students to be tightly integrated into our community of scholars.

What does "first together" mean?

At CMU, it means you are the first in your family to go to college or your parents received an Associate's degree, attended a 4-year college/university, but did not graduate.


The mission of the FIRST Together program is to enhance the overall success of first generation college students on our campus. Through our intentional and proactive efforts, we offer student-centered opportunities designed to support the academic, professional and campus engagement experiences of our students.


The FIRST Together program has three main objectives that we hope to accomplish through vigorous collaboration with students, faculty and staff:
    1. To increase awareness and advocacy about the specific needs of first generation students on Carnegie Mellon's campus;

    2. To build a strong network of caring individuals committed to the success of First Gen students on campus by providing personal and professional mentoring opportunities; and
    3. To create a space where students feel heard, valued, and supported.