Carnegie Mellon University

Invoice Authorization

Students can authorize parents, family members or other bill payers to receive an email with a PDF attachment of their student account invoice. Since Carnegie Mellon does not print/mail paper invoices and invoices are only delivered to the student unless action is taken, this gives primary bill payers immediate access to monthly invoices. 

To authorize other individuals to receive a copy of your invoice:

  1. Log in to Student Information Online with your Andrew ID and password
  2. Under 'My Info' select 'Manage Family & Friends'
  3. If you have already provided contact information for family members or friends, go to the contact for whom you wish to provide invoice authorization and click the 'Manage E-Bills' button
    • If you have not provided contact information for a family member or friend, click '+ add friend or family' and enter their information in order to provide invoice authorization
  4. Check the box to agree to the Terms & Conditions and click the 'Submit' button