Carnegie Mellon University

People Who Can Help

Associate Deans, Academic Advisors & Program Coordinators

Academic advisors, college associate deans, and graduate student program coordinators are committed to helping students achieve their full potential. If a student is struggling, advisors, program coordinators and associate deans can help students navigate academic impacts and connect with relevant resources. Contact information for these individuals is listed in each student's SIO (under the Resources tab).

College Liaisons


College liaisons are experienced Student Affairs staff who work in partnership with students, student support resources coordinators, advisors, faculty, and associate deans in each college to cultivate a positive Carnegie Mellon student experience.

Council of Religious Advisors


The Carnegie Mellon Council of Religious Advisors (CoRA) supports and encourages religious life within the campus community by providing a variety of services, including counseling, educational programs, conferences, worship, discussion groups, social events, and religious instruction. Council members work from their own traditions while also collaborating on interfaith programs.

Dean of Students


The Office of the Dean of Students provides central leadership of the metacurricular experience at Carnegie Mellon, including divisional strategic planning, coordination of student support and crisis intervention, and facilitation of divisional assessment. It also provides free legal consultation, Tartan Emergency Support Funds, and interest free student loans.



For undergraduate students living in university housing, the housefellow serves as the primary Student Affairs advocate for their residents. Housefellows are well-connected with campus resources and are committed to the ongoing care and well-being of our students. Housefellows can engage campus resources and assist students with personal or academic difficulty in any form.

Hub Liaisons


The assistant directors in The HUB serve as liaisons for specific colleges and assist enrolled students with key aspects of the enrollment process. Find your assigned HUB liaison on your Student Information Online (SIO) resource page or on The HUB website.

Peer Health Advocates


Peer Health Advocates (PHAs) are student employees who encourage and support holistic student health and well-being by providing culturally responsive peer-to-peer health education programs and services.

The Plaidvocates


The Plaidvocates is a peer health and wellness advocacy program for student-athletes that supports the well-being of CMU’s varsity athletics community. The Plaidvocates are educated and trained throughout the year to listen, promote and provide support and information on stress and time management, nutrition, alcohol, drug use and other health related topics.

Resident Assistants & Community Advisors


Each house community is served by one Community Advisor (CA), who provides leadership for the vision, direction, and daily activity in each of our residential house communities. Each floor in the residential communities is served by a Resident Assistant (RA), who develop supportive relationships with individual residents and create strong floor and house communities. Learn more on the Housing and Residential Education website.

Student Academic Success Center Staff


Academic coaches, tutors and Office of Disability Resources specialists, as part of the Student Academic Success Center (SASC), provide course-aligned support including peer tutoring, collaborative learning groups, and study group formation in addition to resources like academic coaching, writing, and language support for native and non-native English speakers.

Student Leadership, Involvement, & Civic Engagement Staff


Connecting with others is a big part of well-being. Staff in the Office of Student Leadership, Involvement and Civic Engagement (SLICE) and the Nexus of Civic Engagement can help you get your involvement journey started or provide guidance once you are already involved on campus.

Student Support Resources


The Student Support Resources team offers an additional level of support and expertise for students who are navigating any of a wide range of life events. Student Support Resources staff members work in partnership with campus and community resources to provide coordination of care and support appropriate to each student’s situation.

College Liaisons

College of Engineering
MEG/INI: Lenny Chan (412-268-2142)
BME/CHE/COO/CEE/MSE: Bryan Koval (412-268-2075)
ECE: Veella Grooms (412-268-3592)
EPP/ESTP/ETIM/ICT: Liz Vaughan (412-268-8704)

CFA (College of Fine Arts)
Art, Drama, Music: David Chickering (412-268-2142)
Design, Architecture: Lexi Elliott (412-268-4802)

DC (Dietrich College)
Please use the CMU Cares Referral Form

Holly Hippensteel (412-268-2075)

MCS (Mellon College of Science)
John Hannon (412-268-2139)

CS (School of Computer Science)
Undergraduate: Kristine Kengor (412-268-2142)
Graduate: Angie Lusk (412-268-2075)

TSB (Tepper School of Business)
M. Shernell Smith (412-268-2150)

BXA: Lexi Elliott (412-268-1507)
ETC/III: Liz Vaughan (412-268-8704)

Academic department have a variety of student advisory boards, working committees, and social and academic clubs that focus on well-being. Contact your specific college or department to learn more.